License Model

PuriFile is offered in 5 different licensing models:


  1. Single User / Stand-alone

The PuriFile single user license is a non-networkable, single machine install of PuriFile. The single user license includes access to the PuriFile web client, the shell extensions, the PuriFile Explorer and the PuriFile Assistants.  The single user license is sold per desktop installation.


  1. Client / Server

The PuriFile Client/Server license is a networkable version of the PuriFile single user license.  The client/server license is designed for individual named user accounts to connect to the PuriFile Engine.  The client/server license has the distinct advantage over the single user license of centralizing policies and user configuration on one server.  The Client/Server license is sold per server.


  1. Embedded

The PuriFile embedded license is intended for software integrators wishing to include PuriFile in their product (e.g. network appliance or Cross Domain Solution).  The embedded variant of PuriFile is licensed for communication with the third party product through the software API and is not intended for named user accounts.  The embedded license is sold per instance.


  1. Network Service

The network service is an installation of PuriFile that services machine requests on the network.  A Typical installation can be load balanced and can service requests from appliances or applications like the PuriFile Exchange plug-in.  The PuriFile Network Service is sold per installation.


  1. Enterprise

The enterprise license is issued to a large company or organization and allows unlimited use of PuriFile without restrictions or limitations in the number of installations, the types of installations or the number of users within the customers own network. The Enterprise license is sold per organization.