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Come see PuriFile at GEOINT April 14-17 in Tampa, FL

Posted on April 9, 2014 in Product News.

The guys at PuriFile will be at the GEOINT conference at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL – April 14-17. Come see the latest features and innovations in the most popular document inspection and cleansing product on the market. Let us show you faster speeds, the newest features, and our new automated cleansing capabilities. Live demonstrations of PuriFile 6.1 will be provided throughout the conference or by appointment. PuriFile will be displayed in the Exelis booth in the center of the exhibit hall, booth 3035. Come snag our ear and tell us what you want to see in the next version.

GEOINT is the largest annual intelligence event of the year and your chance to learn firsthand what we have been working on.


PuriFile 6.1 Released

Posted on January 13, 2014 in Company News, Product News.

PuriFile 6.1 has been released.  This version adds the highly anticipated support for cleansing of documents within a zip archive.  Now you don’t have to expand zip files and send individual documents for cleansing, just send the zip archive to PuriFile.  Archive files are automatically unzipped, cleansed, re-zipped and returned in one easy step.

There are also many other minor enhancements and bug fixes, view the change log for a complete list of updates.

Download the latest version now!

PuriFile 6.0, now with cleansing!

Posted on June 26, 2013 in Product News.

June 20, 2013 – Rome, NY – Exelis Inc., Information & Cyber Solutions Department, announced today the release of PuriFile v6.0 now with user selectable options for auto-cleansing Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and image formats.

For years PuriFile has been used by many secure installations to perform deep document inspection of Microsoft Office files to find hidden content and alert the user for data loss prevention. PDF’s however have been a growing concern as they may contain hidden information that until now could not be found by general inspection of the PDF document. PuriFile v6.0 now pulls the PDF apart to go deep inside the PDF structure to locate hidden data. Once hidden data has been found, PuriFile v6.0 now provides the user the ability to auto-cleanse the offending data. The additional automation of inspection and cleaning saves time while reducing human review errors.
Major new features in PuriFile v6.0 include:

    • The new PDF engine now performs deep inspection and allows the user to cleanse over 50 types of threats!
    • Auto-cleansing is now available for Microsoft Office 2007-2013 files.
    • Support for image inspection and cleansing in .jpg, .gif and .png files
    • Support for Microsoft Office 2013
    • Support of 64 bit installers
    • Redesigned web interface

PuriFile 6.0 has a faster, easier to use interface with more thorough inspections of more file types. The NEW cleansing capabilities ensure the data within your organization stays within your organization. We urge all current customers to consider upgrading to PuriFile v6.0 to take advantage of the improved speed, memory usage, increased inspection capabilities and cleansing! To check out a detailed list of all of the new features in v6.0, please visit our website at

If you would like to evaluate these new features, please contact to request a trial of PuriFile 6.0 today. To understand the differences between 5.x and 6.0, check out our product comparison page at
We look forward to continuing to provide you with our highly respected PuriFile Inspector for your deep document inspection and cleansing needs. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, comments or product suggestions please feel free to contact us.

The PuriFile Team

New PuriFile Inspector v5.1

Posted on January 17, 2012 in Product News.

Now optimized for faster throughput!

ITT Exelis announces the release of PuriFile v5.1!
Major new features in PuriFile v5.1 include:

  • Processing of Microsoft “Smart Art”
  • Handling of new embedded file types
  • Improved exception handling
  • “Smart Queuing” for enhanced performance in high throughput environments
  • Enhanced policy configuration allowing all settings with sliders to be turned off
  • Addition of a timeout features allowing inspections to timeout after a specified time
  • Availability of a 64 bit version of the Windows shell extensions for our 64 bit Windows 7 customers

The end result is faster, more thorough inspections of more file types with greater policy flexibility.

We urge all current customers to consider upgrading to PuriFile v5.1 to take advantage of the improved speed, memory usage, increased inspection capabilities and improved throughput! To check out a detailed list of all of the new features in v5.1, please visit our website at
If you are under our PuriFile annual support program (included in every sale or purchased after the initial annual support period expires) you are entitled to a no charge upgrade to the latest released version. If you are no longer under support, please contact to request a quote to re-instate support.

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PuriFile Awarded Army Certificate of Networthiness

Posted on March 10, 2010 in Product News.

ROME, N.Y., March 10, 2010 – ITT Corporation (NYSE:ITT) today announced that its PuriFile, deep document inspection software, has been awarded the US Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN).

On February 20th 2010, after several weeks of testing and evaluation, LaWarren Paterson, Brigadier General, Deputy Commanding General, 9th Signal Command, approved and signed the CoN for PuriFile. This now enables PuriFile to be more easily installed on US Army Intelligence and Secret Command networks.

In the CoN the Army recognized PuriFile as “designed to detect hidden items and documents that have been edited to hide certain information or columns from the user view in order to reduce the potential for unintentional dissemination of information”.

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PuriFile v3.6 adds extensive “file type” inspection and selective reporting

Posted on March 5, 2010 in Product News.

ROME, N.Y., March 5, 2010 – ITT Corporation (NYSE:ITT) today announced the release of PuriFile v 3.6 document inspection software. PuriFile software detects and identifies hidden objects and metadata within Microsoft Office and PDF files, which could accidentally or maliciously disclose sensitive information or confidential digital assets. These types of documents have numerous opportunities for holding data not easily discovered during normal inspection and release procedures.

The latest version, PuriFile v 3.6, brings additional functionality to the product by allowing the user to easily choose from a library of file types, which file types are allowable and which types should be flagged as concerns or violations. For example; the user may allow a picture (jpeg file) to be embedded in a Microsoft Word document, but may define an embedded Excel workbook as a violation. This new feature allows the end user to select acceptable and unacceptable file types without flagging everything in a file. In addition to a library of file types, PuriFile also performs complete recursive inspections of entire zips, folders or drives and inspects for offending data.

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Nexor Sentinel 3 Enhanced to Meet Market Demand

Posted on March 4, 2010 in Product News.

Nexor has released the latest version of Nexor Sentinel 3, the SE Linux based version of its highly successful Mailguard.

Designed for use in high assurance, cross domain environments, Nexor Sentinel is a single-box appliance designed to protect an organisation by validating that inbound and outbound electronic messages conform to the security policy of the protected domain. Sentinel 3 uses the EAL4+ SE Linux secure operating system to enforce network separation of the connected domains, while the mail guard application ensures only policy conformant messages can pass between these connected networks.

The latest version of Sentinel provides three new features. Firstly, multi-domain support has been added allowing up to eight concurrent domains to be configured from the management console and acted on in the appliance. Combined with the single box architecture, this enhancement makes Sentinel 3 exceptional value for money.

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