The following is a list of filetypes that Purifile can read.

Microsoft Word

97-2003 Word document .doc
97-2003 Word template .dot
2007-2013 Word document .docx
2007-2013 Word Macro-Enabled document .docm
2007-2013 Word Template .dotx
2007-2013 Word Macro-Enabled template .dotm

Microsoft PowerPoint

97-2003 PowerPoint Presentation .ppt
97-2003 PowerPoint Template .pot
97-2003 PowerPoint Show .pps
97-2003 PowerPoint Add-in .ppa
2007-2013 PowerPoint Presentation .pptx
2007-2013 PowerPoint Template .potx
2007-2013 PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template .potm
2007-2013 PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation .pptm
2007-2013 PowerPoint Show .ppsx
2007-2013 PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Show .ppsm
2007-2013 PowerPoint Add-in .ppam

Microsoft Excel

97-2003 Excel Workbook .xls
97-2003 Excel Add-in .xla
97-2003 Excel template .xlt
2007-2013 Excel Workbook .xlsx
2007-2013 Excel Add-in .xlam
2007-2013 Excel Macro enabled Template .xltm
2007-2013 Excel template .xltx
2007-2013 Excel Macro enabled workbook xlsm
2007-2013 Excel Binary Workbook .xlsb

Other Office

Microsoft Outlook .msg
Microsoft Visio .vsd .vst .vss
Microsoft Project .mpp


JPEG Image Data .jpg .jpeg
Bitmap Graphics .bmp
PNG Image Data .png
Graphic Interchange Format 87 .gif
Graphic Interchange Format 89 .gif
Tagged Image Format (Motorola) .tif .tiff
Tagged Image Format (Intel) .tif .tiff
PBM Image Data .pbm
PGM Image Data .pgm
Group 3 Fax Data .g3


Adobe Acrobat .pdf
ZIP Archive .zip
JAR Archive .jar
WAR Archive .war
TAR Archive .tar
GZIP Comressed Data .gz
bzip2 Compressed Data .bz2
Macromedia Flash Data .swf
PostScript Program Data .ps
Compiled Java Class Data .class
sh Script .sh
bash Script .bash
C Shell Script .csh
ksh Script .ksh
FrameMaker Document .fm
MIFF Image Data .miff
Binhex Binary Text .hcx
ASCII Text Document .txt
Java Source File .java
Perl Source File .pl
C Source File .c
Rich Text Format Data .rtf
HTML Document .html
SGML Document Text .sgml
XML Document .xml
Windows Executable Program .exe
MP3 .mp3
MPEG Data Stream .mpeg
Apple QuickTime Movie File .mov
Windows Metafile .wmf
Enhanced Metafile .emfd